Creative Sensor Network

The Creative Sensor Network is a wireless sensor network capable of sending sensor data directly into a number of creative applications: Processing, Grasshopper, openFrameworks, Max/MSP, LuaAV, Quartz Composer, etc. This link enables interaction designers to work with a wide variety of sensors wirelessly and seemingly integrate them into any environment through the use of OSC (Open Sound Control).

The system is comprised of a number of wireless sensor "Nodes" and a "Base" connected to an Ethernet network. The Nodes are capable of reading sensor values from a number of attached sensors e.g. light intensity, temperature, humidity etc. and transmit the readings to the Base. The Base handles the conversion of sensor values into a standardized OSC format. The packet is then broadcasted on the network where any creative application can receive the information directly and the user thereby have easy access to the data from any application which supports OSC.


Involvement: Master Thesis Project.

Technologies: C / PIC18F/32F MCUs / Electronics / OSC / Ethernet / Sensors