Danzer Light

The project’s vision is to design a light installation for ’s spring exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre. The inspiration for the design will be based on biologically inspired algorithms.

The biological principles of the project are based on self-organization in relation to agent-based design, also known as swarming behavior. This system will serve as the spatial form-finding principle which acts as an informed process of spatial design parameters.

This means that the agent system will serve as the direct spatial context, which operate on the measurable variables. This will move the design process away from the typical subjective object-oriented design process.

The designer’s role is to design rules, parameters and environments in which the installation can develop and adapt. The project will also be a study of realizing a complex design process in a rational system with defined building components.


Client: 3XN

Collaborators: 3XN, Electrotexture Lab.

Involvement: Design the light algorithm based on swarming behavior.

Technologies: C++ / OpenGL / DMX