Dynamic Lighting

The Dynamic Lighting experiment is an exploration of the possibilities of Pre-Pass Lighting also known as Deffered Lighting. The focus of the project is to be able to simulate lighting effects on architectural models in real-time. The rendering pipeline of graphics cards only support per vertex lighting and therefore shaders are used to program a different behavior into the graphics pipeline. Three different lights have been implemented: Point Lights, Spot Lights, and Linear Lights.

The steps involved in the rendering process include: Rendering the scene elements affected by the lighting, storing the normal and depth values for each fragment. Then each light volume is rendered and the contribution to the scene elements is calculated based on the stored normals and depth values. Then the scene is rendered including all elements and the lighting is blended into the final image.


Involvement: Design and program the lighting algorithm and shaders.

Technologies: C++ / OpenGL / GLSL